Privacy Policy

Banco Desio S.p.A. aims to protect and safeguard your privacy online, consistently with your preferences.

For more information, we recommend that you read this document and the disclosure pursuant to the provisions governing the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, hereafter, the Privacy Code).

The privacy policy has been established by Banco Desio S.p.A. on the basis of the national and European laws and regulations. Detailed information is provided below.


Data controller:

Banco di Desio e della Brianza S.p.A. (hereafter, Banco Desio), with registered offices in Desio (province of Monza Brianza) Via E. Rovagnati 1 - 20832 is the entity responsible for how your personal data, which may be collected during  navigation on its website (hereafter, the website), are managed

Data processor:

Due to organisational and management reasons and pursuant to section 29 of the Privacy Code, Banco Desio has appointed some Data Processors.

Internal data processors

  1. Aceti Gianbattista - Data processing in relations with customers
  2. Paola Gorla - Data processing in employment relations
  3. Massimo Barazzetta - Data processing

External data processors

  1. Cedacri (Collecchio, province of Parma) for the bank’s computer system;
  2. Creditech (Milan) for the management and collection of bad debts;
  3. Docugest (Collecchio, province of Parma) for the printing of the notices to customers and the filing of cash documents;
  4. Computershare (Milan) for the shareholders’ register;
  5. OCS (Milan) for the Consumer Credit procedure;
  6. Sefin (Milan) for the Factoring procedure;
  7. Trebi (Milan) for the Lease procedure;


Website managers and providers.

  • Website manager: Banco Desio
  • Website provider: Message
  • Relevant telecommunication operator: Telecom
  • Infrastructure provider: Telecom / Fabbrica Digitale
  • Access provider: Telecom
  • Hosting provider: Telecom / Fabbrica Digitale
  • Content provider: Banco Desio

Collection of information.

Information which may be collected during navigation on the website can be broken down in two categories:

  • Information allowing users' identification
  • Information not allowing users’ identification

Information allowing users’ identification.

Contents published on the website may be usually read in anonymous form.
When users visit some website pages requiring personal data to be collected, a prior, express Disclosure is submitted to their attention (pursuant to section 13 of the Privacy Code) and, if necessary, they are  asked to give their consent.
Personal data that might be collected when users visit the website, subject to prior disclosure submission and users’ consent, may include, as the case may be, the name/surname, address, telephone number, email address, job and additional specific data related to the services required.

Information not allowing users’ identification.

Banco Desio automatically stores in its servers, in anonymous form (i.e. the information collected doesn’t allow the user’s direct and specific identification) the data relating to the Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”) of the website previously visited, the website pages visited, the subsequent URL the user has visited, the browser used to view the website, the user’s IP address (“IP”), and the information on cookies (see the Cookie policy).

Web Beacons.

Web beacons are part of the website tools which enable the website manager and Banco Desio’s specialized personnel to see whether a webpage has been visited or not and the number of times it has been visited in anonymous form.
When information on a promotion is requested or a newsletter is sent, web beacons may be used to see how many emails are opened.
In general, any electronic image which is part of the webpage, including an advertising banner, may act as web beacon.

Request for cancellation.

In any case registered users are entitled to request detailed information (e.g. full information on the various companies mentioned in this document) to Banco Desio’s online customer service as well as exercise the rights granted under section 7 of the Privacy Code, including cancellation of their personal data, by sending an email to or by writing to: Banco di Desio e della Brianza S.p.A. - Via E. Rovagnati, 1- 20832 Desio, tel. no. 0362/6131, fax no. 0362/613219.

Amendments to this privacy policy.

In order to protect users’ privacy, this document aims at illustrating the principles applied by Banco Desio to protect the privacy of users while they look through the website contents and in relation to the various products and services offered online.

At Banco Desio’s discretion, the contents of this document may be amended in the future, for example in the case Banco Desio adds or removes options or characteristics of its own services and products, or should it decide to avail itself of new content providers.


Last updated 11/30/2021